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Go New Zealand

Go New Zealand

The Challenge

Go New Zealand is an online information and travel booking website for Australians interested in flying over to New Zealand. The company is a long standing client of Bam Creative’s but after six years since its launch, the site content had outgrown its layout and the design was well overdue for an update. Our challenge was to completely overhaul the sitemap and design, complemented by third party booking integration bringing the site forward to 2012.

Our Solution

The massive amount of information contained on the site meant it was a big job for the Bam Creative team to undertake but it made it all the more important in carefully considering the layout and design that would make it intuitive for the end user. Laying out the homepage was a crucial first step in making this restructure possible and after careful thinking and brainstorming; we landed on the current design.

The main navigation remains consistent across all pages with a long list of items and while this is not a conventional practice, it was essential due to the sheer size of the website. The side navigation contains a search bar and quick links below for immediate access to the booking services which is complemented by the secondary navigation on the internal pages. The homepage in particular also features additional quick links to holiday packages below the main content and a custom interactive flash map of New Zealand that links to information about the locations available on the website.

Key services

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