For our 2016 getaway, we were lucky to return to Bali for the fourth time as a team (Last year we went to Dunsborough).

On the blog for our sister company, employee survey startup 6Q, we often share insights into the benefits of team building and employee engagement. As Bam Creative, we have four main reasons we do this annual trip, and I thought it would be valuable to share them with our readers.

Team building

It’s all fair and well to have formal team building activities, however I feel we get even better results just by spending informal time together. We chat and discuss our challenges in work, our lives outside work and find commonalities we didn’t realise we had, by sharing the same office space.

Whether it is sitting by the pool, running through torrential downpours (common at this time of year) or sharing an Indonesian dish for lunch, these quality moments are something we never normally get throughout the year.

Connecting deeper with colleagues and partners

Following on from the point above, a rewarding part of these weekends is finding that we share common interests, and often these turn out to be interests we share with our colleague’s partners. Given much of our waking hours are spent with our work colleagues, it is nice to have a deeper connection with their partners, and a shared understanding of what we all do.

It is always rewarding to hear afterwards that partners really enjoyed coming along, and found it interesting to get to know the people their other halves spend so much of the week with.

Incentive for recruiting

Every time we go on these weekends, we notice a spike of interest from talented people within the industry. We find this is a secondary benefit that hadn’t been considered at the start of these weekends many years ago, however it has turned in our favour, with many of our industry peers being aware of our annual weekenders.

In November and December, we always get a pile of comments about needing to work at Bam Creative, to enjoy the amazing benefit of going overseas for a festive weekend with the team.

It helps that our Instagram account, which is used to give behind the scenes images of Bam Creative, often has many post-weekend images being shared.

Dinner with the team
Dinner with the team

Great reward for hard work

I find these weekends far more beneficial for the team than some Christmas gift from the company. Yes, these trips cost a lot more than a bottle of wine or something, but the rewards are also equally far greater.

The team looks forward to these weekends all year, and it’s a very nice way to thank those around you for the hard work and commitment they put in for the 52 weeks we spend together. The Bam Creative team make the company what it is, and we want to share the success with them.

Our trip to Ubud included a two night stay in Nyuh Kuning, which is just a little south of Ubud centre. We had two evening meals together, and most mornings we also met for breakfast. During the day, we broke off into groups to partake in activities such as massages, swimming, pedicures and lunch catch ups.

I’m a huge fan of Ubud, having travelled there more than a dozen times. I feel like it is my second home, and it’s rewarding to me to share it with the team.


We are all back after our weekend, refreshed and more committed to one another and the goals and objectives of the company. The team as a whole is motivated and we are all looking forward to seeing what destination we’ll be heading to in December 2017.