One of the newest recruits here at Bam Creative, David Lim is involved in many varied tasks and overlapping roles here within the production team. Here, we ask David for his answers to some common questions...

Dave, please provide an end to this quote; "All websites should have…"

...a consistent layout. There's nothing worse than a website that changes its layout on every page, but there are many other things that it should definitely have. Such as a very clear and intuitive menu with headings that are indicative to what you want to find.

If it takes me any more than 3 clicks to get to a page I want to see; the site is dead to me. I also think that Google+'s fixed menu bar with an anchor back to the top is a great idea that should be implemented on more sites with a long scroll down.

What was the last book you read?

Hmmm… a book? That was far too long ago to remember but I do read a lot of manga (Japanese comics) and subtitles when watching anime (Japanese cartoons). On a weekly basis I watch/read over 10 different series but my all-time favourites are One Piece, Bakuman, Time of Eve and Eden of the East.

If you didn't work in the web, what would you like to do?

While I'm still very new to working in the web industry and excited to be on board, I'd like to think I'd be a pretty cool primary school teacher. I've always loved teaching people something new and there's nothing more joyous than a room full of smiles!

A fact most people wouldn't know about Dave?

The biggest fact about me that blows most people away is that I am in fact allergic to alcohol. I break out in a fever and rash after just one stubby - ouch! It's the perfect allergy to save money.

Thanks David for the answers, and thanks for being part of our awesome team!