Founder and Managing Director of Bam Creative, Miles has been instrumental in the growth and success of Bam Creative since 2002. Prior to that, he has been working in various management and creative lead roles since 1995.

Answer this phrase for us, Miles; "All websites should have..."

Planning. There should be a planned execution stage, performance tracking and constant analysis and revision. Why spend all of your budget setting a website up, and then not measuring the success or continue to make improvements with it? It just doesn't make sense to build and leave, given the data we can collect, and the tools we empower clients with to manage and refine.

What was the last book you read?

Street/Studio: The place of street art in Melbourne, by Alison Young, Miso, Ghostpatrol and Timba Smits. This book is about the Melbourne street art scene, which I'm a big fan of; one of those reasons why Melbourne has the 'cultural vibe' that Perth yearns for. In the alleyways of the Melbourne CBD, between the wine bars and groovy cafes, lives an ever-evolving display of the local underground art movement. This nicely designed book looks at ten artists, and their street and commissioned gallery work.

If you didn't work in the web, what do you imagine you would be doing?

Lost. Honestly, I'd probably be a traditional graphic designer, pining for something more than static marketing and CMYK. I once worked in this field, way before the web was born. Although it is fun, user interaction design in the modern web is far more exciting (and challenging!).

A fact most people wouldn't know about Miles?

I am also a Cub Scout Leader. I got invovled like most leaders do, through having a child in Scouts. Now my eldest two are both in Scouts, and I wear a uniform too. It has been great for me, getting to enjoy time away from the web; camping, hiking and learning plenty of new skills.

Thanks for the responses, Miles, we appreciate them.