If you are looking for an exciting, highly beneficial company to intern for, look no further than Bam Creative. Bam Creative is an award winning digital marketing agency, offering creative solutions for all brands to help reach their goals. 

Hi, my name is Nicole Schreck (pronounced like the movie!) and I am a third year student at Curtin University. I am going into my final year of studying Mass Communications, specialising in journalism and web media.

My first day at Bam Creative
My first day at Bam Creative

Entering my course, I had more of an interest in the journalism field, however after doing a core unit in Web Communications, I realised I thoroughly enjoyed the digital aspect of media studies as well. So, after my dad introduced me to Bam Creative, I gave them a call, set up an interview, and began my week’s internship!

Right from the get go, I began to learn. 9 am Monday morning, I was taken to the boardroom and introduced to the company and all they do, as well as what I would be doing for the week. In that hour and a half, I learnt so much valuable information, including setting up consumer profiles and narrowing down what the client wants, identifying key words for blog posts and websites, and was introduced to all of the tools and websites available to help content marketing.

It Began Here

Straight after the meeting, I was given my first task, and from there it has been non-stop hands on experience. I have learnt so much from the people around me and will take so much away from this experience. There is always so much to do, learn and explore, and Bam Creative have really welcomed me into their industry to teach me all they know and help me on my way.

In my time here, I have been able to write multiple blog posts, do some research for industry reports, and learn how to schedule and manage social media posts so you keep them all updated. It makes you look active, but really you’ve just planned ahead!

The tasks at Bam Creative are always fun and interesting, as I was able to research sumo suits and cocktail making all in the name of work!

Everyone in the office is so friendly, chatty and welcoming, always answering any questions and always willing to help.

Learning on the job with Production Assistant, Teegan
Learning on the job with Production Assistant, Teegan

About Interning

The best way to enter an internship is to keep an open mind. Be positive, and always willing to learn and gain any experience possible. Put all of your effort into any tasks given, and never say no! Ask a lot of questions and soak up all of the knowledge that you can.

One of the best things about interning at Bam Creative is that they will always find industry relevant jobs for you to do. This way, you’re always busy with something that can help you on your way to a successful career. Every piece of work you produce is something else to go on your resume, setting you up for when it’s time to enter the workforce!

Me hard at work
Me hard at work


Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and try, as that is what will get you ahead. Interning is the best way to learn from the best in the business, so don’t hesitate in contacting those who can help you the most! You’ll never know if you don’t try.

I would definitely recommend interning at Bam Creative, as they provide real life experience to pave the way for a successful, knowledgeable and fun career in the digital industry.