I started off with Bam Creative, knowing nothing about web design and development, let alone digital marketing. In a modern world where information can be found directly at your fingertips, I chose to learn it the old-fashioned way - I asked. One can reply, "A developer develops, a designer designs and a digital strategist strategise digitally".

Indeed. But it was not good enough for me. To me, a website is where clients market their company for the whole world to see and to get recognised or to be heard. I put myself in clients' shoes - if I am going to engage Bam Creative to design my company's website, it means I have to trust them to build me a website that could assist the growth of my company. In other words, I need to know who does what.

Once, I walked past the designers' desk and saw their artwork on the computer. But it was not just crafty artwork; they have to make it look aesthetically appealing, functional with easy navigation - on top of the clients' specifications.

"At times I got roped into conversations that consist of html, css, cms, php."

And then I had a peek at the developers at work; typing code and formatting of the documents. Bearing in mind, that if the designs were complex, the developers would be burning the midnight oil. Now this was hashtag epic.

Recently I volunteered to assist on an internal project and this was the marketing bit. This opened my eyes to social media management such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even LinkedIn. It was not a mere 'sharing' and 'liking' of post - it was getting to know the clients' target groups and audiences and promoting them at the right time. It was not a simple photo taking and adding filters - it was considering audience involvement. And it was not just a simple tweet of products and services rendered - it was educating and sharing the knowledge.


Do I want to be one of the 3Ds - Designer, Developer or Digital Strategies? I think I will let the professionals get back to their work whilst I stick to my ka-ching…