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We've had a few clients who have domain names that we're not the registrar for expire recently, and want to remind all our clients of the dangers of letting domain names lapse. As a service, we offer complete domain name registration and management services to reduce the chance of this occurring.

If you are unsure what contact details are listed on your domain name, you can check by using for domain names ending in .au. For .com or .net domains, we recommend that you check against
Always ensure that the email address in these records is up-to-date. Should the email address be a person, and they leave your organisation, renewal notices may never be received, and your domain name may expire.

There are plenty of domain name scams out there - you should never just pay an invoice that arrives for a domain name, unless it is from a trusted supplier. We've had clients pay hundreds of dollars before to overseas firms without realising.

If we are your registrar, we send automated emails coming up to the renewal period to ensure that you don't miss the renewal. If we get no email response, we typically also telephone and check with you in person, ensuring you don't lose your domain name.

If you're unsure if we are your registrar, or know we're not, and would like us to take this over, please contact us to check (there's no fee for this service) and for more information on how we can manage this important asset for you.

We can even run a check for you to see what other domain names are probably worth holding onto; particularly if you export or deal internationally at all.

Your domain name is a crucial to your web presence; please don't leave it to chance!