Episode Highlights

The Death of Daredevil

  • Daredevil’s sudden cancellation on Netflix recently shocked the comic book world

  • Disney is preparing to launch its streaming service, Disney+, as a result, they started yanking properties previously licensed to or produced in collaboration with Netflix.

  • Other Marvel shows such as Iron Fist and Luke Cage have both been canceled as well, decisions that may or may not have been influenced by the rise of Disney+.

  • But given Daredevil’s prestige status as the originator of the Marvel world on Netflix, and its huge success, this cancellation feels a lot different compared to the other shows.

Instagram gets WhatsApp-style Walkie-Talkie Voice Messages

  • Facebook-owned Instagram has just added one of the best features from its sister app, WhatsApp: direct voice messages.

  • Like in WhatsApp, you can find it in any conversation that you participate in (including group chats) within the Direct messaging section of the Instagram app.

  • All you have to do is tap and hold the microphone button located in the text entry box, and you can record a voice message to send to your contacts.

  • Whoever you decide to send your message too can listen to it whenever they like.


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4 Ways to Make Your Content Marketing for Your Business Successful in 2019 

  • With 2019 creeping up really quickly we thought it was important to discuss what the future holds for content marketing and what businesses and brands like yours can implement right away to make your content marketing strategies more effective in the new year.
  • The content marketing landscape has changed throughout 2018. Content marketing has grown with new trends surpassing old ones which content creators, content marketers and digital marketers need to keep up with.
  • Conversations in this space that were previously dominated by talk of Return On Investment (ROI) have been out- yelled by the more head-scratching problem of standing out to your audience in a very crowded sea of content marketing.
  • A big focus surrounding content marketing is what companies can do now as a differentiating factor for their brand against their competition.
  • Don't worry, there are clear hints on how you can be unique and different with your content marketing strategies and not just trying to be a copy cat with your competitions strategies.

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What We Learned

Before you rush into creating yet another brilliant content marketing campaign that you think will work this time around, we found that it’s really important to take a look at all of your previous content and content marketing successes and failures that you ran within 2018. Chances are, there are more secrets and ideas to creating better content for your business in how your audience has reacted to your previous content and ideas so far.

Combine that insight with these 2019 content marketing strategies and trends and you’ll be on your way to creating a successful content strategy that will keep your audience entertained and engaged, but most of all bring more customers your way.

Happy content marketing!