Facebook has made a lot of changes to many of its features, making it more difficult to get your message out there if you're a business. Between the decline in organic exposure to your business posts, and the rate of promoted posts, it might drive you to throw Facebook into the "Too Hard" basket.

FacebookAnd you might be right.

Facebook may not be the platform for you, or your business.

As we have said to each and every person who has approached us for social media marketing, it doesn't matter if every other business has a Facebook page. If your audience isn't there, it's not worth it. If your audience is active there, then it's worth the time and money you spend to make your business stand out in the arena.

It still stands that Australian audiences are still very active on Facebook. It's the stickiest site in the nation, holding more than three times the time spent on other social media sites.

So, with all the changes they've been making, have Facebook changed themselves out of the market of marketing?

The pay-to-acquire and pay-to-reach models are definitely pushing out smaller businesses out of the market, as they realise they didn't have the levels of engagement they thought they did, or the budget to throw at Facebook they would like. However, if you're serious about utilising the captive audiences on Facebook, there are some tips to follow in order to get the maximum return on your investment.

Stand out from the crowd.
It's all very good and well to be posting memes and wishing your audience a good Friday. There's just one small problem - everyone is doing the same. Make your content captivating and you will gather more followers, as your audience shares your posts around.

Content is King, but Data is Queen.
If you don't have anything to offer to your audience, why will they come back to your page? Attention and information are the two greatest commodities online. If you want the attention, give the information. New product information and related data that is of interest to your audience (and, obviously, aligned with your brand) will ensure maximum engagement and reach.

What is Facebook bringing to the party?
Any marketing campaign is a multi-pronged attack. If your Facebook page isn't serving as one of these prongs, then it's not carrying its end of the bargain and will just continue to drag the team down. Think about what the page is doing for your business, and what you would lose, or gain, if you weren't investing there.

As with any social media presence, if the return on invested time and money isn't giving back to the business, it's a waste and a drain on company resources. On the other hand, if a redesign or change in strategy could maximise those returns, maybe it's time to adopt a new approach to your business Facebook presence?