Much of what we do here at Bam Creative revolves around understanding the target audience groups for our clients better. The more we understand behaviour, the more we can effectively market our clients and their organisations, products and services.

So we invest our time in research and analysis.

Here are some research results that we feel makes interesting reading for any marketer, or heck, just anyone into data.

We analysed the top 2,500 influential Twitter users in Perth, to get an understanding about them.

So, what is influence? It's more than just how many followers a user has, although typically, the more followers, the more influence. We use a score out of 100, based on a number of factors;

  • How many users follow this user?
  • How many users does this user follow back?
  • How many times has this users tweets been retweeted?
  • How many times has this user been mentioned (via an @username)

Then, we apply a sliding weighting, to reduce the impact of, say, engagement two years ago. This gives us an insight into the freshness and authority a Twitter user may have.

The most influential user had a score of 80.1%, the 2,500th user had an influence score of 5.5% (to be totally transparent, our own @bamcreative account came in at position #913, with an influence score of 40.5%).

It's important to realise that influence is not necessarily a good indicator of valuable content. Many of the accounts featuring in the top 2500 are tweeting single word posts, with little real public engagement with followers.