Everyone wants their business to grow but not everyone has the excess cash to assist with the marketing bits. It’s important to put some time and thought into the content you choose to publish and consider your blog an important piece of your content strategy.

The goal of blogging for business is to grow your business, widen your customer base, and definitely increase conversions. Let’s take a look at some of our reasons why you should add a blog to your website and start publishing your post regularly.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the easiest methods to market your business and to reach out to your potential customers or clients. Your ideal customers and clients are mostly likely already hanging out on social media as they would probably have one of those accounts; Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. You should be there too so that they can find you easily.

You not only share information on these social media platforms but with a blog page, you are able to share your research, new products and events via the blog. When you start publishing posts regularly, your customers and clients are aware that your company is active and keeping up to date.

By having a regularly maintained blog and a, you are engaging with the audience by sharing your own content on social media, which will encourage traffic to your website. It also encourages your readers to share your content, therefore increasing readership and the possibility of increasing traffic to your website.
Remember that blogging helps to tell your story not only to readers, customers and clients but it allows them to quickly gains insight into what your company is all about.

Get Connected, Stay Connected

Just like any social media platform, blogging helps you bridge the gap with between your business and your potential customers or clients. While your website’s essential pages might be perfectly designed, at times a visitor just wants more before they are ready to become a client, customer, or subscriber. If they are going to spend hundreds of dollars (or even thousands!), they want to be sure you know your stuff and want to get to know you better, or even be sure that you are still in business.

A regularly updated blog page can help with all of this. Remember to organise and design your blog page well; links in the sidebar, header, or footer to your blog or make it easy for your visitors to prolong their stay on your website or even better, they would head back to your website often.

While your website should be concise and to the point, your blog offers more creative license and gives you the freedom to express your business values, views, and personality with your target audience.

Boost Traffic

The main goal (besides increasing conversions) is to get traffic for your website. Your business may have all the different social media accounts and is sharing updates on your products and services. But that is not enough, what happens when there in nothing else to share?

Take note that the more often content is published on your website, the more often the search engine crawlers will visit your website and the faster new content will be indexed. This means that a content you post stands a much better chance of being found faster by your audience, compared to your website which has dormant for long periods. Regularly publishing content on your blog is one way to indicate to search engines that your website is still valid and active.

Expanding your Network

It is about time to write about creative topics makes your business as interesting as it already is. By sharing what you are up to on your blog, or featuring other team members in your company helps to expand your network by establishing yourself or your business as an expert in your field.

Your readers might be impressed with what you have been working on currently and would follow your progress or share your research with their friends. You will never know, perhaps a potential business partner will see that you are both attending the same conference and make a point to seek you out there.

Must be the Money

You must have been heard or seen people who are making a lot of money by just blogging alone. It is definitely possible, if you market it correctly and do your groundwork right. It takes time, but once you have enough readers and followers, you will start noticing some increase in enquires and sales.

There will be potential customers or clients making comments and suggestions to your business, which would definitely help. When time goes by, your traffic numbers will increase as well as the income.

In Summary

To recap once again, here are the reasons why you should be blogging to grow your business:

  • Social media Marketing
  • Get connected, stay connected
  • Boost traffic 
  • Expanding your network
  • Must be the money

If your site does not come with a blog page, which is focused on selling your business, there is very little you can do to promote your business and soon, you would have nothing else to inform the customers of.

So jump on the bandwagon and start blogging for your business right away!