"Storing files in the cloud storage" is a phrase that used to return quizzical looks and exclamations of "but where do the files go?!"

Thankfully, the concept of cloud storage has become widespread, and has become a viable option for people and businesses who want access to their files on the go.

With increasing quality of internet service and access, cloud storage is definitely the future of storage and there are a number of great providers who offer cloud storage services with flexible plans and affordable prices.

The question is, which one is right for you?

After some research, we've compiled a list of some great service providers. The contenders are:

With most cloud storage providers, you can expect a certain level of features. The entire concept of Cloud storage is based on cross device and cross platform compatibility, so access across all your devices including tablets and mobile is a given.

The ability to access files from multiple devices also opens up a number of collaborative capabilities. In a business capacity, share options, version control, and permissions are definitely features to look for.

See our comparison below of some popular cloud storage providers below:

Name Available Plans Notable Features Free Space?
Dropbox $17 per user per month for Unlimited storage (minimum of 5 users) - Focus on Security: 256-bit AES and SSL encryption, regular SSEA 16 SOC audits, remote wipe, Two-step verification and single sign on (SSO)
- Versioning & file recovery
- Team management features like tracked logins, easy adding & removal of users.
- Permissions to limit the amount of people viewing files.
Google Drive $10 per user per month for Unlimited storage (or 1TB per user if fewer than 5 users) - Integrated with existing Microsoft services (Office, Google Plus, etc.)
- Device integration - Images taken on a phone can be saved as a PDF for sharing.
- 24/7 support
ownCloud Free, but requires your own server - Uses your own server to host your cloud
- Gives you control over security & options
- open source
OneDrive Starts at $2 per month for 100GB of storage - Advanced administration featuresSSO/ADFS/Directory sync support
- Real time co-authoring
SpiderOak $5 per user per month for Unlimited storage (for a minimum of 10 users) - Password protected sharing
- ACID compliant database with two tiered encryption
- can cater to large businesses with over 500 users
SugarSync $55 per month for 1000GB of storage (for 1 to 3 users) - Custom plans can be tailored to companies with over 3 users.
- Offer no file limitations
- User has the ability to sync via email
30 day free trial of plans
Box $17 per user per month for unlimited storage (minimum of 3 users) - Transfer limits of 5 GB file size
- Custom plans & quotes available
- Can be integrated with OneCloud mobile apps


All of the providers above offer free personal trials, so if you're looking for the right cloud storage provider for your company, you can try before you buy. It's a convenient service that will have you wishing you converted sooner. Remember to confirm any pricing and features with the service providers as they may have been updated since time of writing.

Good luck and happy storing!