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An inspirational dose of Webstock goodness

Miles and Laura at Webstock 2015

Two of our directors, Miles and Laura, have recently returned from the 9th annual Webstock conference held in Wellington, New Zealand.

Each year Webstock brings together great minds from across the world to share their knowledge and experience with a growing audience of creatives, developers and web folk alike. The speakers each brought their A-game and every talk had the crowd discussing and debating at break times.

No doubt organising a conference of this proportion and calibre is a tough gig and we were not disappointed with their efforts. There was an abundance of food and coffee, amazing gift bags and overall a great sense of attention to detail across all of their branding.

Wellington was a fantastic host. Every person we met was friendly and helpful, and the weather was amazing. We were told to pack for the worst, and were pleasantly surprised that we didn’t experience the windy city in full force.

Thanks for hosting such a fantastic event, Webstock.

We're very much looking forward to the next year's 10 year anniversary. Until then!