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Email Marketing

Email Marketing done right.

Email marketing is a fantastic method to engage with your customers, provide timely campaigns and is extremely measurable in the results.

From email newsletters to once off email campaigns or electronic Christmas cards, we have experience in designing and delivering powerful messages by email.

Our email marketing system, BamMAIL, is truly a wonder to use. From rich editing made simple, to powerful reporting, BamMAIL is a delight for our clients to use.

Email marketing


“Email is almost 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined in helping a business acquire new customers.”

McKinsey (2014)

Features of BamMAIL include:

Personalised marketing

You can easily customise the content for each recipient, using our intuitive interface. Impersonal email newsletters can be easily replaced with personalised email messages, encouraging a higher open rate, and best chance of reader response.

High delivery rates

White-listed servers, blacklist monitoring and human approval means your email message has the highest chance of being read. Our system is constantly monitored to ensure emails are not treated as spam.

Scheduled delivery

When you create an email campaign, you have the option of sending immediately, or schedule the campaign to send later.

Fantastic list management

Unlimited number of lists and subscribers. Import and export with ease. All subscribers are subscribed and unsubscribed via your website - so there is no administration for you when people join or leave your newsletter mailing list.

Advanced reporting

All the important statistics at a glance: who's opening your email and when, what links your subscribers are clicking on, bounces, unsubscriptions and spam-complaint management.

Performance payments

We don't charge when you don't deliver. You only pay for delivery when you actually send a campaign, making our email marketing system very cost effective.