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Tailor made for a perfect fit

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Black Duck® SeatCovers Website
Small Business
Perth, Western Australia
Live Site:
April 2020


After the new Black Duck® SeatCovers website was launched, it experienced the following:

  • 558% increase in contact form submissions.
  • 117% increase in traffic.
  • 82% increase in organic search traffic with a 71% increase in conversions via organic traffic.

Requirements for the new website

Black Duck® SeatCovers approached Bam Creative with the following requirements for the new website:

  • They wanted an interactive way to display their tailor-made seat covers and to be able to provide prospective buyers with enough information to then reach out and contact them.
  • The new website needed to be optimised for Search Engine Optimisation which required a brand new system built for a fast-loading experience optimised for mobile usage.
  • Black Duck® SeatCovers was keen on running a Google Ads campaign, which meant the new website also had to allow for the client to easily create landing pages that would tie into their campaigns.
  • The client also needed a simple way to streamline inquiries for their products.
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Homepage (Desktop)


The new website was designed and developed with the following methods:

  • To be able to provide the user with close-up images of each product, along with the ability to rotate the images 360 degrees, this component was custom-built into the Content Management System so the client could manage it themselves.
  • The content on the previous site was lacking in detail and didn't show the full extent of Black Duck® SeatCovers products available or the fact that they are an Australian owned and operated business. We recreated the structure of the website to make it easier for the audience to navigate through the information and find the products that were best-suited to their requirements.
  • The use of animation and video gives the website a unique way of communicating the product and the lifestyle of the target audience, whilst promoting a more interactive experience with the website. Black Duck® SeatCovers created their own video which was perfect to use on the homepage for a significant impact.
  • To allow for the client to create custom layouts whilst keeping within the website styles, the content management system allows for custom content blocks.

Products used

Tailored to suit their requirements, the new Black Duck® SeatCovers website incorporated the following products:

  • The website is hosted by Bam Creative on a Virtual Private Server.
  • The previous website was created using WordPress which the staff deemed difficult to use. The new website was built on CraftCMS, allowing for simple content management by staff as well as a leaner and faster response time for loading the website.
  • Customised form builder, allowing for an elaborate product enquiry form.

Black Duck® SeatCovers also engaged with us to create a digital marketing strategy to begin before the launch of their new site and after launch. This way, we had a benchmark to be able to monitor the success of the campaign. You can find out more details about the campaign here.

If you are looking for a custom-built website and tailored digital marketing solution, get in touch with us.

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