Here in the Bam Creative, we listen to music broadcast via Spotify in our open plan office - so as you can imagine we take it very seriously (we even built a Slack Bot to control the music remotely).

Music plays a significant role in any work that I do, particularly web design, but only during certain stages. There are times when I'm trying to solve an issue, and for that, the sound of silence is the only thing I can deal with. But when I've solved a lot of those issues and broken down mental walls, I start having a little Design Party™. For that, any and all music is welcome to help push me to deliver the best design I can. 

As a lover of (most) heavy metal, my choice of Spotify playlists to be the soundtrack of my Design Party™ may surprise you. Here, I list a few of my favourites.

Disclaimer: Support the musicians that make the music we love, by purchasing their music. Streaming is great, but the artists don't receive many royalties from streaming. Buying directly from the artist or their record label is one of the best ways to ensure they pocket the better part of the sale and keep making the music we enjoy.

1. Funk Outta Here

Ever since I fell in love with the Red Hot Chili Peppers in the 90s, I found their (earlier) roots in Funk music, the ultimate contribution to any kind of Design Party. Filled with Parliament, Isley Brothers, James Brown and more, this is the perfect playlist.


2. The 200 Best Songs of the 1970s

Clocking in at over 15 hours, this playlist is sure to cover a few Design Parties, or maybe even a sprint. Pitchfork brings you this excellent and diverse playlist, offering up 70s hits and forgotten classics. Sprinkled with Bowie, Marvin Gaye, Iggy Pop, The Ramones and more, it's got the right mix of soothing sounds and rock classics. This Spotify playlist is a favourite in the Bam studio, too.


3. 20 Years of triple j's Hottest 100

A child of the 80s and a youngin' in the 90s, triple j was a staple in my musical diet for a long time. My love for this playlist is based purely on nostalgia, a feel-good pick me up and a well-suited companion to any Design Party. 


4. Old School Metal

If I want to work fast, and I mean fast, I forgo the coffee and I pop on this playlist. The speed of the music makes me work faster, so it's not exactly ideal for a soothing late night design project soundtrack. With classic heavy tracks from Metallica, Testament, Priest and Maiden, this Spotify playlist is most suited to the "final countdown" moment of any design project.

Do you have any favourite Spotify playlists that you want to share? Or maybe you've made some of your own? Tweet us @bamcreative and let us know!

Did you know? Streaming has not only changed the way we listen to music, but it's also created another channel to tap into and learn more about its listeners. Read more about Spotify's Streaming Intelligence.