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Storage systems for any environment

APC Office is dedicated to providing cost-effective and efficient storage solutions for libraries, schools, universities, healthcare facilities and corporate offices. APC Storage Solutions is a leader in design, engineering and manufacture of warehouse storage solutions.

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APC Group
Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth
Live Site:
November 2017

The Brief

APC Group came to Bam Creative for direction in the separation of APC’s commercial arm from their industrial operations.

After an initial branding exercise, the brief was to develop a pair of websites to showcase their innovative storage solutions for each of their subsidiaries.

With newly developed branding and a common list of functional requirements, Bam Creative undertook the task of developing a cohesive, yet distinct, online presence for APC Group.

The Solution

The web design took cues from the branding exercise to leverage blue and red themes. This reflected both the industrial and commercial sides of the business respectively.

The general layout was made consistent with a sharp, modern and accessible designed, with aligned with the integrity and bespoke nature of the business.

Apc group website

APC Office website design on a desktop device

We developed supporting graphics with similar styles and designs but unique iconography to ensure each brand remained discrete.

The site was custom-configured in Craft CMS to allow a rich content publishing platform, flexible site layout and dynamic content propagation.

The website eschewed reliance on off-the-shelf frontend frameworks to ensure faster performance.

Supplementary content, such as case studies and news articles, are published once and dynamically loaded throughout other areas of the website. This promotes the wealth of success and innovation that the company maintains.

Thanks to the customised publishing framework, the client gains full control to manage website content, ensuring product pages are detailed, attractive and relevant to target audiences.