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All of this talk of a market slow down is no doubt encouraging you to look at better ways to attract leads for your organisation. One cost effective way to do this is by ensuring you get good rankings on search engines.

The most important aspect to consider when looking at Search Engine Optimisation is the content on your website. Put simply, you need to ensure that the phrases and words you want to be found under appear frequently throughout your website copy.

For example, start by writing a list of a dozen phrases you would like to have your website appear under in search engine results. Now, look at your homepage and see how many of those phrases appear there. By tweaking your content to ensure it is keyword rich, you maximise the chances that your website will be found when people search those terms.

If you are targeting people geographically, add those locations in too. So, if you are Perth based, and sell primarily to West Australians, add terms such as Perth, WA, Western Australia and Australia.

For example, we may have a phrase such as 'Bam Creative build fantastic websites', however we'd have more impact by penning something such as 'Bam Creative are a Western Australian website design and development firm who build fantastic web sites for Perth businesses'. Notice the use of the keywords; website, web sites, Perth, Western Australia, design and development?

Don't stop with your homepage either - look for other opportunities to add those phrases throughout other pages of your website. If you're using BamCMS, you can log in and edit your website text right now, or if you'd rather, we can provide professional copywriting services for a cost effective hourly rate.