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Google Ads

One of the most common question we are asked is; "Do I really need to use a Google Adwords Agency for my business?".

If you've never spent a cent on marketing, is it because spending a budget in the hopes of driving new business, rather than the guarantee, is a hard pill to swallow?

This thinking is flawed from the start because you should never be hoping for a successful campaign.  

Successful campaigns are based on two key elements 

  1. The buyer intent has been researched and is clear
  2. The messaging is in sync with the needs and expectations of the prospective buyer

Why advertising campaigns fail

The central drawcard of your campaign should meet the needs of your market. If it doesn't, the campaign can fail to draw revenue.

We call this The Google Tax.

What is The Google Tax?

The Google Tax is money which has been wasted on poorly optimised ads and it's down to the simple reason that a Google Ad strategy was not developed usually in a bid to save a few dollars by not hiring an Ad expert.

If you've taken the gamble and managed an unsuccessful Google Ads campaign yourself, you've probably lost money and faith in the channel because, if it didn't work when you managed it, why would it work for anyone else?

Plan with the end in mind

By building a campaign based off of a client-centric, data-driven strategy, you remove a lot of risks.

You also know exactly who you are targeting, what messaging they respond to, what gets them to click as well as commit to an initial offer.

With tracking in place, you can monitor any fluctuations in this ‘website user flow’ so you can correct things, as required.

Whether in B2B or B2C, understanding the persona of your buyer and how to adjust to their needs is critical to running a profitable Adwords campaign.

To get help in developing a successful Google Ads campaign, contact our team for a no-obligation consultation.