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Everybody wants to be Snapchat

Updated 22 July 2021 (Published 11 December 2017) by Jessica in Digital Marketing

Facebook is encouraging users to create more video content, Instagram is testing a standalone messaging app, YouTube introduces Reels in Beta, everybody wants to be Snapchat and welcome, Lia!

Everybody wants to be Snapchat

Episode 20

Episode Highlights

We introduce the newest member of the Bamily, Lia! Lia won our Creative Talent award at a recent University graduate showcase, and we thought we'd bring her into the studio and chat to her about her experiences as a graduate, her take on Snapchat, and the apps that she uses. It was an awesome insight into the younger mind, especially when we started talking about mIRC, ICQ and MSN!

Facebook is launching Sound Collection, allowing people to add music and sound effects to their video content, which is further encouraging people to create long form video content. We talked about the future of video content on the platform and how it can be used. 

Instagram is testing a direct messaging app, which is pretty much Snapchat. Even though Snapchat is on the decline (but we're always here for a good comeback story), it's interesting to see how Facebook are going in on the features that made Snapchat so great in the first place, picking it apart piece by piece, and implementing them in its own platforms. 

YouTube is following suit with Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook and creating their own "Stories" product called Reel. We talk about how this can be used and how it's going to change YouTube for the future. 

At the end of all this, we decided that, even though Snapchat seems to have hit a bumpy road and are making changes to bring people back to the platform, they had so many awesome ideas that many companies are blatantly ripping off which tells us one thing and one thing only: Snapchat is poised for a comeback, people (maybe?)!


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