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Our Favourite Podcasts for 2017

Updated 22 July 2021 (Published 15 August 2017) by Jessica in Digital Marketing

The Bam team are a bunch of keen podcast listeners, so we have collated our recommendation for podcasts to listen to. We hope you enjoy!

Our Favourite Podcasts for 2017

Podcasting has taken off these past few years and you've been watching us on social media you'd also know that we've started our own. Apart from the obvious content marketing benefits of podcasting, detailed in How to Start a Podcast, the main reason Bam Creative started podcasting is because we love podcasts! Nearly everyone in the office listens to podcasts on the daily and we've definitely got our favourites.


The Mental Illness Happy Hour

I’ve listened to quite a few episodes of this one, and I find the concept really interesting. - Teegan


ATP Science

Focuses on debunking health and fitness myths and goes deep into getting the best results for a healthy life. I love listening to this one, because the hosts sound a bit bogan. - Jess

True Crime

Case File

Very well done true crime podcast with sensitivity to the victims, rather than focusing on the tragedy. Detailed focus into the investigation and highlights the need for better laws in the criminal justice system. - Jess


Produced by the ABC, about a 40 year old murder investigation that was never solved. The most striking thing is the feedback cycle of getting new leads from the popularity of the show itself. As a result, they’re releasing bonus mini episodes based on listener accounts and recollection of surrounding events at the time. Fascinating and unfortunately releases are erratic as case developments require further evidence to be uncovered. - Richard

Business & Marketing

The Tim Ferris Show

Tim is the author of the 4-hour work week and Tools for Titans. His podcast is generally about business, motivation and lifestyle with insightful interviews each episode. - Jess

The GaryVee Audio Experience

Gary Vaynerchuk is the master when it comes to content generation and digital marketing. He talks about business, marketing and work ethic. - Josh.

The Smart Passive Income Online Business Podcast

Entrepreneurial podcast about running an online business, sharing real world examples and supporting a community of business owners. - Josh


I rarely listen to podcasts, but when I do, I listen to Conversionaid. - Miles


Creative Pep Talk

Positive and encouraging podcast about being a creative in a material world. Also seriously awesome show artwork. - Teresa

The Honest Designers Show

More about being a business savvy creative person. Also awesome show artwork. 4 hosts give broad insight into self-employed life. - Teresa

Invisible Details

This is a great podcast for general branding advice - Teresa.


Accidental Tech Podcast

Their first podcast was about cars. Now this bunch of 3 programmers geek out about file systems, whinge about hardware and software gripes and the like, but such a well balanced mix of personalities makes it one of my favourite shows to listen to. Starts off each week with follow-up from user feedback. Features an after-show where they will talk about bloody anything, including cars.- Richard


Another one of my favourites, this is an older American tech journo and a younger British guy recap the week in tech – generally quite iOS-centric thanks to their insistence on trying to use iPads for work purposes. Great dynamic thanks to their very different styles and attitudes, some cultural differences and yet heaps of middle-ground. Has very consistent format including follow up and #askupgrade (sadly they’ve never picked one of my questions). Occasionally they’ll run an impromptu movie review at the end, generally some old cult classic that they might be watching for the first time. - Richard

The Vergecast

A not-very-serious account of the weekly world of tech events, sponsored by a fictitious brand of vodka, closely aligned with the articles published on the website itself. A bit too hyperactive for me so I don’t listen to every episode. The lineup changes quite often which I guess adds to the mayhem. - Richard


Predominantly future tech and tech corporation related. Each topic generally has a narrowly focus, with a deep dive from tech business analysts on strategies companies employ to remain innovative and relevant. Occasionally too dry to keep my interest. - Richard

The Talk Show with John Gruber

Extremely laid-back and often off-topic with long-time self-published Apple observer John Gruber and a different guest each week. Does an an annual live broadcast at WWDC, in recent years featuring guest Apple Execs. Very easy to listen to the soothing dulcet tones. - Richard


My Brother, My Brother and me

Basically, a group of 3 brothers just talking shit. It works very well. They feed off each other and keep the pace moving while you’re trying to figure out what on earth they’re on about. Very funny. - Richard

Shane & Friends

I don’t listen to podcasts often, but I’m a fan of this one! - Teegan

Pop culture

The Jasta Show

Heavy metal podcast hosted by Jamey Jasta. Features interviews with musicians, album reviews and latest music. - Jess

The Weekly Planet

Entertaining take on up-and-coming movies, TV series and other pop culture topics - Josh

The Nerdist

Interviews with film makers, actors and other interesting people on the topic of movies, TV, life, etc. - Josh

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