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The engine room of the energy revolution

Balance Services Group came to Bam Creative with a mission — to share their contributions to positive change in sustainable energy solutions and their unique methodology through their stories.

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Balance Services Group
Live Site:
April 2019

The Brief

Understanding that good design is a business investment, the team at Balance Services Group jumped into the design process with gusto, offering up wireframes, case studies, and photographs. It highlighted the absolute pleasure in working with a team who are so passionate about what they do.

The Solution

Incorporating the branding throughout the design, the aim was to communicate the scope of Balance Services Group and to set them apart from other businesses in the energy industry.

Screenshot 2019 12 17 The Engine Room of the Energy Revolution

Balance Services Group website design on a desktop device

Mixing photography and text, we added a further medium to the mix and created detailed 3D models to illustrate intangible sources: their four distinct energy solutions.

To understand the scope of each project, a visual project map was created from scratch, allowing for the Balance Services Group team to easily upload new projects. This is made possible with Craft CMS, the content management system the website is built upon.

Delving deeper into the process of each energy solution, the user is greeted with a visual project process flow, connecting with prospective clients who are on the lookout for an energy partner.

A corresponding visual map automatically generates pointers based on the map locations and indicates their development status via iconography.

All of these projects are created so that the client can easily upload content, especially images, to a case study page, the end result of which is an effective way for Balance Services Group to share their stories with their customers and potential clients.