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Providing the industry with the highest quality shearing gear

Heiniger has been a global industry leader in the production of high quality, Swiss-made animal shearing and clipping equipment for over 70 years.

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Australia & New Zealand
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July 2018

The Brief

Perth-based Heiniger Australasia approached Bam Creative with the goal of addressing information that was lacking from their global website.

As an integral member of the local shearing community, the business sought to provide a detailed repository of product information and support resources.

In addition, as the subsidiary responsible for the Australasia region, Heiniger wanted a single website to handle both Australian and New Zealand-based customers.

The Solution

The primary goal of Heiniger’s web design was simple product navigation.

Bam Creative employed neutral themes to allow products to visually pop for easier visual identification. This worked in harmony with the menu and sub-page structure to create a clear and logical hierarchy.

Screenshot 2019 12 17 Home Heiniger Australia

Heiniger Australia website design on a desktop device

We utilised Craft CMS to give the client granular control over website content, with both the Australian and New Zealand websites managed via the same administration dashboard.

Functionality was added for the implementation of unique content for both the Australian and New Zealand domains.

One of the essential elements for the new website was the ability to match customers with their closest stockists, across each of the categories of product available.

Bam Creative developed a custom stockist finder using Geolocation and the Google Maps JavaScript API to enable this. This allowed us to quickly and visually display as well as filter the closest business results.

The Heiniger parent company now makes use of the Australasian site as their global landing page.