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Technology is great, but it doesn't nurture your project, help you to follow your instincts or even make the coffee.

Clever. Passionate. Creative.

As well as bringing years of experience in a wide range of creative and technical fields, we believe that being friendly and attentive is just as important as being clever with digital. When it's time for knowledge of our programming and creative crafts, we can impress with hip terminology with the best of them, but we know you only want to talk about one thing: helping you speak to your target market.

That's our language too. Meet the talented crew at Bam Creative.

Miles Burke Miles Burke

Miles Burke

Managing Director

Josh Roa Josh Roa

Josh Roa

Business Development Manager

Jessica Kaitse Jessica Kaitse

Jessica Kaitse

Digital Strategist

Richard Schaefer Richard Schaefer

Richard Schaefer

Digital Producer

Robert Lim Robert Lim

Robert Lim

Senior Developer

David Lim David Lim

David Lim

Project Manager

Sam Huzau Sam Huzau

Sam Huzau

Accounts Administrator