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Social & Environmental

The world’s problems belong to us

Social responsibility is something we've embraced since 2002, long before it became the ‘hip thing' for companies to do.

At Bam Creative, we believe that being in business also includes being active in the local community, and being a good corporate citizen is a key factor of measuring business success. We also aim for our involvement in social issues to achieve partnerships which benefit organisations which are less funded by government bodies, and benefit the larger community. We do this by allocating a percentage of our time and services to help non-profit organisations build and maintain their websites, and encouraging our employees to engage in activities that will benefit the industry or local community.

We're keen to help reduce the footprint we have on our planet. As a result, we do our best to keep our impact as low as possible. We know it's a hard ask for many companies, however we're keen to do our bit for the environment; and it's more than just empty words in a report.

We do this using a variety of initiatives, such as

  • We buy 100% Green Power from Synergy, as audited by the Australian Government
  • We use recycled products where possible for printing documents. Our printers are all set as default to double sided print
  • We ask our employees to think before they print, reducing unnecessary printing usage.
  • Our waste is recycled by our local council, City of Stirling using the ‘one bin' method.
  • We encourage staff to dress appropriately on warm or cold days, to reduce need for heating or air conditioning.
  • Where possible, our furniture is purchased second hand.
  • We send invoices, where possible, electronically, and pay suppliers electronically as well.
  • We buy office snacks (fruit) which are either organic, or grown locally, from locally owned retailers
  • We encourage employees to walk, cycle or use public transport to get to work Our company vehicle is powered by low emission diesel
  • We use Fluorescent globes in all rooms, with control per room, to keep unused rooms lighting off.
  • We utilise indoor plants in offices, to help with air quality We're proud of the investment we make to help keep the planet green.

You can be proud that any work that you ask us to do means your impact on the planet is also reduced.