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Why Bam Creative

The digital agency that really knows customer service

There are plenty of great reasons to have Bam Creative as your partner to online success.

Here are just ten of them:

01 Experience matters.

We're not a couple of fresh graduates with some web design software. We’ve been offering advice and production services for a decade now, ensuring you benefit from our vast experience over ten years.

02 We embrace best practice.

 We always utilise best practice approaches to ensure your digital presence reaches the largest audience possible, and that you will enjoy longevity and quality in every aspect. It’s by concentrating on doing the best in the industry that we’ve had our successes.

03 We use a whole brain approach.

Strategists do great planning, and website designers and developers make these plans come alive, however even within a single company there's sometimes a gulf between the two. At Bam Creative, we integrate function and design seamlessly.

04 We listen.

 We're not here to tell you how your website should run your business. We need to know how your business runs, and the result should be a website that suits you. The only way we can learn that is by listening and engaging with you.

05 We're employee owned.

You want to pick up the phone and speak to someone who makes decisions, not blame others. Being employee owned means you have access to the people that own the company, and there’s a passion and accountability that you don’t get at some faceless publicly listed company.

06 We're financially sound.

 You don't need to worry that we're a start-up that may not be in business for very long, risking your project and the results. Protecting your investment means engaging with a company with a solid track record who is here for the long haul.

07 We don't outsource to foreign labour.

We strongly believe you should be able to speak to the people doing the work, alleviating communication issues and ensuring a strong understanding of your requirements. Whilst we could maximise profits outsourcing to foreign labour, we help the Australian economy by hiring locals.

08 Plain English is better.

 If you explained your industry, we'd probably be mystified at your jargon, so we won't subject you to ours. We keep up with it all so you don't have to, and the only language we speak is about getting the solution you need.

09 We work for your customers, not just you.

A common trap is basing every decision on what our clients want; not what our clients’ customers actually need. We believe focussing on looking after your customers means that we end up doing the right work for you.

10 We don't believe bigger means better.

 We consider our clients to be partners and want to know you by your real name. When you deal with Bam Creative you're not just a job number or an invoice. The best results come when we all feel like part of the same team.