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In the last issue of the Bam Ballyhoo, we called for story and article ideas from our subscribers (we'd love yours too - just send it in!). One of those to respond was Rob Lawrence, Guitarist and founder of Agent, Red. This is their story, in Rob's words

Formed under the blistering blue skies of Perth in 2007, 'Agent, Red' commissioned Bam Creative with the task of designing a high impact logo for the rock group prior to relocating to an artic Europe. The logo was used in 2008 for a three track CD EP, Satan Drives a Pontiac recorded in Perth, WA (in the winter of 2008) and then taken to Berlin and London where the artwork could be seen in venues, rehearsal rooms and recording studios in the hands of a small army of dedicated followers. The CD is now being sold internationally.

"We were looking for something that reflected the music, that was angular and rigid with an air of danger and mystery - Bam Creative delivered beyond our expectation in creating a design that caught the attention and imagination of our followers, particularly in Berlin; a city with such a rich history and a unique take on art and design. The final design had a dated Soviet/Eastern European feel which worked really well whilst based there. In a sense it reflected the architecture and elements of the inherent fashion and culture. It was exactly what we were looking for."

The final design took around two months to produce with regular coffee design meetings with the Bam Creative team at their premises in Perth.

The informal meetings were useful workshops to share design ideas together and in person. "They delivered us with presentations at each stage summarising new ideas allowing us to quickly reach a final design decision and within budget."

After initial attempts with independent designers, getting a professionally designed logo with Bam Creative was definitely the way forward for the group. "It made very easy work for when we wanted to press the EP using the logo and variations of the background design on both the inlay and the CD itself. They developed a unique font for us, based on the logo design, which we used to reproduce Laura's lyrics in the CD inlay. We simply sent them the manufacturer's pressing templates and they did the rest of the work."

Thanks for the praise, Rob, and best of luck with the future!