Odd title, we know but let's get to the point. Wikipedia describes dogfooding (or as we say it, 'eating your own dog food') is when a company uses the products it makes. We'll go one further and say 'doing what we often recommend to clients'.

See, we started various iterations of our own company blog over the years, but then got hung up on the design and the content to such an extent that we never released them publicly. In fact, we've got an internal email from early 2004 that started the first incarnation of our blog (meanwhile, our Managing Director started blogging in September 2005 in earnest).

We're commonly consulting with clients about why they should consider having a company blog - both the good and the bad - yet we've never managed to get our own blog actually off the ground.

Just like social media (we started our Twitter and Facebook accounts back in the first half of 2007) we understand why they are great mediums for sharing knowledge and thoughts; so why don't we have one, ourselves?

Welcome to the Bam Blog; this time actually in the wild. We look forward to the conversation.