Those of you, whom know the ethos and team at Bam Creative reasonably well, know that we are very driven by our company values and work hard at creating an environment of innovation and constant improvement and reflection.

This goes a long way towards our goal of having a very high employee engagement level at any time.

Our thoughts on employee engagement

The way we see it is having a passionate, innovative team means that we deliver better results for our clients, and enjoy work life more than if we were to just focus on profitability and traditional business measurement.

Sure, we taken the team overseas for weekend retreats, we've had fun making crazy meme dance videos and eat our share of cakes and strudel, yet it's not all focused on purely having fun.

There's an underlying want to improve teamwork, lift communication and constantly assess how we can improve as individuals and as a business.

Experiments we've undertaken have included daily stand up meetings, free flu vaccinations, town-hall meetings where everyone has a say, gym memberships, rewards anonymous suggestion box, and a plethora of different other things.

A process we found worked very well for us has been our weekly 'Five minute meetings', which consists of sitting down with each team member for no more than five minutes, to find out how their last week has gone, what the week ahead holds, any roadblocks they encountered, how their happiness was, etc.

This works well when we are a small team, however it's very hard to scale. A team of 30 would take three hours per week to do the same five minutes with each team member!

Introducing our employee survey start-up

In August last year, I realized that we could create a weekly employee survey system that whilst not replicating the face-to-face experience, managed to create a similar ethos of constant feedback and review.

Importantly, we wanted to ensure that any system we built;

  1. Was actually enjoyable for employees to answer, not difficult and time consuming like most annual employee surveys
  2. Had a low time investment for everyone. The last thing we want to do is burden organisations with yet another system that would take hours per month
  3. Was really useful. We don't need a survey system that nobody ever reviews results or takes learnings from.

We created a prototype of this back in August last year and started to utilise it ourselves. As the learnings grew, we became more excited with the benefits it could create for others. At the start of this year, we invited a select group of organisations to also jump on board and use it with their teams as well.

Just over a month ago, with over 100 iterations of the product, our employee survey system was released to the world.

I'm pleased to say that our first ever true Software-as-a-Service start-up product is helping organisations around the globe to increase employee retention, lift employee engagement and discover how their teams feel about their job satisfaction.

6Q features over 200 professionally written questions, or you can write your own, and is answered by using a slider interface of smiley faces; that's right, it's enjoyable to complete and fast - the average user response time is just under two minutes to complete the employee engagement survey each week.

We have over 150 organisations in more than 100 countries around the globe using our weekly employee feedback system, and we invite you to take a free 25 day trial and see what benefits you can get from using 6Q.

We're keen to hear your feedback - try the trial and let us know what you think, either below in the comments, or by emailing the support email address provided when you sign up.

All the best in improving your employee engagement and creating a great place to work!