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We're all aware of the challenges our planet faces. Global warming, climate change, call it what you will, but the fact is we're all impacting the environment with everything we do. So what can we do as businesses, to reduce our footprint?

There are a number of initiatives we can all embrace, many of which save money too. For example, at Bam Creative, we recently changed to 100% natural power. That means for a small investment on top of our normal electricity charges, we now buy all our power from wind and solar resources.

Another great idea is to set your default printing mode to double sided, consider only buying recycled paper, and ask employees to consider what really needs printing. You can reduce postage and paper by paying what you can electronically, and send electronic invoices and statements.

Then there's lighting - swap your old globes for energy efficient ones throughout your office, and make sure that you have per-room control, to turn off lighting in rooms that aren't being used.

We utilise recycling for all paper and plastic waste in the office, and we encourage our employees to do the same at home. In fact, Miles Burke, our Managing Director, even has a compost bin.

Some of our team catch public transport, walk or ride bicycles to the office too - every little bit can help.

You can read our environmental policy for further ideas on what you could do too.

So, do your bit for the environment - the world will love you for it!