At Bam Creative we're committed to giving back to the community. Over the last decade, we've given approximately $250,000 of our time to not for profits and grassroots organisations, to give them help in achieving their community-minded goals.

This time, we're doing something a little different. Our Managing Director, Miles Burke, is taking part in the Perth CEO Sleepout event on 19 June. CEO Sleepout raises much needed funds to help St Vincent de Paul help the 110,000 plus homeless Australians who desperately need our help.

As Miles says;

"I've wanted to do this the last few years, as it is a great way to demonstrate through real action (albeit not really that rough) that we can help those most disadvantaged in our society. With over 27,000 children sleeping on the streets, and an estimated 112,000 Australians homeless this winter, we need to do something, no matter how small, to help.

I know you are likely bombarded regularly with similar calls for sponsorship, as I am, however I really hope that you can contribute.

If I have enough people pitching in the equivalent of an hour of their salary (consider it working for an hour for homelessness), we could make a big difference. Who wouldn't pay to see me sleep under cardboard for 12 hours one night at the WACA?

An average WA salary works out to around $40 per hour. If you could contribute that, fantastic, if you can only pitch in half of that, great, and more would be an even greater help. Imagine what St Vincent de Paul could do with $40 towards helping a fellow Australian get a roof over their head or a hot meal?"

We're hoping you can rally behind Miles on his venture. Click here to read his fundraising page, or click here to go straight to a secure donations page. If you have a product or service you could offer us as a prize for donations, or as an auction item, or have another fundraising idea, we're all ears as well! Please get in contact.

Meanwhile, here's a video worth a few minutes of your time.