As a new intern at Bam Creative, I recently had the opportunity to shadow one of the Directors, Patima, to a meeting with Language Links. Their newly redesigned website which Bam Creative helped to overhaul had been online for only a month. The purpose of the meeting was to reflect on the project, review the performance and discuss any feedback, comments and questions that they might have.

The new Language Links website screenshot
The new Language Links website

The client

During this meeting, I had the chance to meet the very passionate clients who truly love what they do. At first, I was impressed with the warmth and friendliness we were welcomed with to their new office. I quickly realised that although it was a professional environment, they had a warm and welcoming culture in their school and working environment.

Once there, we were quite curious about their new space which they had recently moved into. Before anything, we were generously taken on a guided tour around the school and facilities. I honestly appreciated the fact they took the time to show us everything and even tell us about the few adventures they have had during their relocation. I was truly impressed of the various new hi-tech classrooms they have for their students. From where I was standing, the classes have a really nice atmosphere and it’s very inclusive for everyone. I was impressed with the number of computers available to students and the fact that they have access to Wi-Fi throughout the school. I feel that their new offices offer them many possibilities.

A long term relationship

About the meeting more precisely, I found the discussion very compelling and friendly. In my opinion, several years of working with Language Links has really enabled Patima to get to know their business and their requirements extremely well. As a result, she was able to offer them open and honest feedback, and provide the recommendations and information they really needed. It was quickly evident that they were very satisfied with the work done by Bam Creative and have a lot of trust in Patima’s advice.

One thing they said often is how quickly the team responded to their questions or problems.  It was fascinating that the meeting was not limited to just confirming that the new site works well.

Patima took the time to offer them advice on how to be more effective and efficient with regularly maintaining their content and helped them with the social media content advice. She also gave some advice to facilitate and ensure that their content is published on time every week as intended. I found it simple but quite ingenious to give them the advice to always keep a library with possible content ideas. This way, if they have less time one week, they are still able to publish another article on Facebook.

What I've learned

In conclusion, this meeting had taught me an important lesson. It’s always important to give informed options to your client and let them choose. It’s also essential to mention all the information that could be useful or relevant to their decision making process.

Patima empowered the client with the ability to choose the best option for their requirements through taking the time to guide them through the considerations they might not have been aware of initially. At the same time, doing this helps a lot to build a good relationship based on trust and maintaining that relationship long term into the future.

Finally, I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to be a part of this meeting and meet passionate people and learn new ways of working at the same time.