Who am I

I am currently studying a Certificate 4 in Web Technologies at North Metropolitan TAFE, I have a previous Bachelor’s Degree from Murdoch University for Digital Media Game Art and Design. I do enjoy playing Video Games, hanging with my friends, watching movies and working on pet projects such as creating/hosting a website for my uncle's business.

Andrew, Bam Intern

Landing the Gig

I contacted Patima after researching web design agencies in Perth and we met up to worked out my rostered days and period for my internship. I got an amazing opportunity to work with the Bam team once a week for 10 weeks. The Bam team was quick to welcome me in and teach me new things, show me the industry standards and new tricks that wouldn’t learn at TAFE.

My Time at Bam

I was either shadowing Bam employees as they walked me through what they were doing or I worked on my own projects which I was provided briefs for and sometimes had to complete on my own to test what I had learned. There were no questions that I asked that felt too stupid. I felt like I was a part of the team as it was easy to be social with everyone and catch up with what happened at work while I wasn’t there.

learning at Bam

Learning at Bam Creative

I received an introduction to WordPress, I learnt how to setup a website, find the relevant plugins and prepare it for a client to get familiar with. This has put me ahead in my studies as I wouldn’t normally be learning this until the following semester, at the moment I am working on my own WordPress template that I might be able to use in the future!

During my time at Bam Creative, I completed a number of tasks; some were as simple as preparing the boardroom for a meeting or going on a supply runs, while others included setting up a WordPress test site for a client, testing websites almost ready to go live, documenting task flows and catching problems before a website goes live. I even learned how to make coffee, something I took for granted all these while!

I also worked on social media, looking at building a larger amount of followers for clients and business on Twitter, giving them a larger presence on the web and preparing content to be distributed through Facebook for weeks in advance so the company always has content to post.


Working at Bam has been a blast, there were always new things to learn and it really helped convince me that this is the industry I want to work in. Such a friendly and hard working group of people, I am grateful for this opportunity and am excited about the future.