We put this very exciting* video together to spend the same value we'd normally do wishing you a very merry Christmas on something a little more worthwhile and more in tune with the giving spirit of the season.

We're sure you'd agree that receiving paper cards are a nice thing this time of year, but perhaps an even nicer feeling is knowing that we didn't send you a card and instead invested in helping entrepreneurs in poverty stricken areas get a no-interest loan to get their business started or growing.

In fact, we've invested a little in nine entrepreneurs instead of spending money on postage and printing. These business owners are in Peru, Lebanon, Timor-Leste, El Salvador, Indonesia, Paraguay, Siera Leone, Colombia & the Philippines.

You can join us in giving a hand up to struggling entrepreneurs by clicking here. The interest free loans are repaid to your Kiva account which you can then use to donate to another entrepreneur. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we thought this was a great way to give to the community.

So a very merry Christmas to you and also to your families, from the team at Bam Creative.


* Well, we think it's exciting! If you do too, use these sharing tools below to spread our Christmas cheers to your colleagues as well.