She is really passionate about marketing and after graduation intends to do great things in the field with her entrepreneurial skills. While putting her best in to everything that she does, she is also an enthusiastic learner and has great interest in anything digital.

Other than just her interest in marketing, Sharmeen is quite an athlete and loves to do bike riding, swimming and playing netball. Whilst being athletic by nature, she sometimes enjoys her quiet time with a book and a chocolate to munch on, as she has a sweet tooth for anything that says ‘SUGAR’.

Sharmeen eating cookies

All websites should have?

An interactive design! There is nothing far better than a website which has an interface that does not just grab one’s interest but allows them to easily navigate through functions on the page.

From my point of view, a great website is one that has the user feel they are interacting directly with the website.

What was the last book you read?

My all-time favourite book is ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ by Stephen R. Covey, which has been an inspiring read for me where, I tend to use some of its proven principles as my everyday mantra for performing all my tasks generally in life.

A fact most people wouldn’t know about Sharmeen?

I am not afraid to try and learn anything new. Having a daring nature, I tend to do what I believe in at the very moment rather than waiting for it to be done at a later time, since challenges are something that can never be overcome if not tried.

If you didn’t work in marketing, what do you imagine you would be doing?

Having the opportunity to gain prior experience in the field is what built my interest towards marketing, as I have always been fascinated by new products and there is nothing great than the idea of developing marketing strategies that will be of best interest for the product itself.

But if I were to go through time travel and pick a different path for myself, then it would be as an engineer working at NASA.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us, Sharmeen and good luck in your studies!