Ben joined the Bam Creative development team back in July 2007, after completing his Diploma in Website Development and Certificate 4 in Website Development.

Not only is Ben well versed in PHP and MySQL and the others arts of website development, he is also musical and creative outside of the office. We asked Ben a few questions to help understand who he is.

In your opinion, what should all websites have?

A search page or sitemap. The amount of times in the past that I've had to rely on Google to find information I'm looking for on a particular website is somewhat staggering. Whilst Google is great for searching broadly on a particular topic and can also cater for searching terms in a particular website, it's not always up-to-date and it doesn't cater specifically for the content on that particular website.

I also believe all websites should have a little humour or something to lighten up the mood. Many corporate websites are devoid of any personality or humour because they believe it lowers professionalism, but I believe a little bit of humour helps to humanize a company and may make visitors more open to any product the company sells or any service the company provides. The only time where humour should be avoided are any serious topical websites where humour would devalue the message the website is trying to offer. My hope is that these sort of websites are few and far between.

We hear you're into graphic novels - what was the last one you read?

I am definitely more of an audio/visual person, so yes I do partake in the occasional graphic novel. I've recently finished reading the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels after viewing the film, and whilst it was a good read, I much preferred the movie.

The last true book I read was The Hunt for Red October by Tom Clancy. Again, I had watched the movie and wanted to have a read of the source material. In this case though, the book definitely outshone the movie. The movie had the worst case of "Not even bothering with the accent" that I've ever seen.

If you didn't work in the web, what would you imagine you'd be doing?

My original plan in life during high school was to go into meteorology. I'd always had a fascination about the weather when I was a kid, and it seemed to be a natural progression into the field for me. However, when I started discovering programming, and more so discovered I was good at it, it changed my aspirations.

Not being good in the science classes helped sway me towards web development too.

So share with us a fact that most people wouldn't know about you...

I have been producing music for a number of years as a hobby. I have helped a friend release a hip-hop album and have also been producing my own album in the chill-out/ambient genre. The hip-hop album has been played on community radio stations many times, and one of my chill-out tracks ended up being played on an online radio station in England. I have also done some soundtrack work for a couple of student film projects.

Thanks for your answers Ben, and I hope our readers know a little more about you now.