David T is one of the production team here, involved in the development of websites and applications for our clients. A recent recruit to the 'bamily', we asked DT to answer some common questions…

"All websites should have…"

QA Testing and Responsive Design, there are plenty of experiences, devices and situations that a website needs to function on. Especially as a smartphone user if a website isn't optimized for mobile it generally gets closed.

What was the last book you read?

The last book I remember reading was 'Don't Make Me Think' by Steve Krug, it's about how small changes on a website can stack up and make it easier for the user. That was however a few years ago - my goal this year is to read more books.

If you didn't work in the web, what do you imagine you would be doing?

Hard to say, I knew as a kid that I wanted to do something with computers so maybe a computer technician. but if i had to choose something other than technology related I'd probably be a teacher.

A fact most people wouldn't know about David?

I try and learn something new everyday - it doesn't matter what it is or how big or small it is. It's my 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away'.

Thanks for the responses, David, we appreciate them.