Graeme joined Bam in 2007 firstly as a designer, and now he holds the role of Creative Director. Hailing from the northern hemisphere, Graeme was the first person that we've ever hired not first meeting face-to-face. We offered him the job, and then he moved to Western Australia.

So Graeme, complete this phrase; "All websites should have..."

A well-drawn out plan with a considered approach. For example you need to know what you are trying to achieve with the website. You should know who the audience of your site is going to be. Who is your target market? Primary, secondary and tertiary. If you don't know your audience then how can you expect to have a website design that they can relate to and use properly. The end goal of any site is to communicate efficiently and effectively to the market it was designed for. Once you know who the audience is you must have a clear understanding of what you want them to do when they visit your site for without this a website design cannot be effective at reaching your outlined goals.

The design of the site needs to be based around your goals for it, with clear information architecture that directs the user to the information they require or you require them to view. This is true also for any task that you may want the user to perform on your website. Lastly a website should not be abandoned once it is live, treat it as if it is a living, breathing entity that responds well to being fed and looked after. All websites should be updated regularly and the updates should be considered as part of an ongoing assessment to its effectiveness.

Ask yourself questions like, have I had a marked increase in enquiries from the website?, Am I selling more or less items after updates have been made to improve functionality? The best way to do this is to ask the users of the website what they do and don't like, what works and what doesn't, what would they like to see on your site or what would they like it to do. Only this way can a site continue to evolve into the best it can be. A website no matter how well it is designed is likely to have room for improvement.

What was the last book you read?

American Psycho. This book appealed to my design element, there are endless hilarious references to business card designs going as far as to describe paper texture, embossing and colour tone. The level of detail in descriptions leaves little to the imagination in this book which can at times be most un-nerving. I loved it though, a book that truly pulls no punches.

If you didn't work in the web, What would you do?

A Photographer or a curator for my own Low Brow art gallery. Both of these are passions in my life that I would like to spend more time on, I love art collecting and I love being behind a lens, for me it is about capturing the beauty that I see in things and expressing myself through my creative outlets.

A fact most people wouldn't know about Graeme...

Despite being Scottish I've never worn a Kilt.

Thanks for your time Graeme, and let's see you don a kilt.