Melanie is our figures juggler, looking after the finances here at Bam Creative, and ensuring that our general office management is looked after. Although not in the production side of the business, Melanie still has thoughts around what works and doesn't, online. Here's the results of our chat with Melanie.

Please finish this statement: "All websites should have..."

An intuitive user interface and simple, classic design; nothing that is too difficult to navigate, too busy, or has things that pop up or flash! An effective website communicates quickly and clearly with visitors, and you should be able to decide within thirty seconds if you're interested in the contents or not.

What was the last book you've read?

The Summons by John Grisham. I'm a Grisham fan from way back in the day but his more recent novels, including this one, seem to have lost their ability to grip the reader quite as tightly. I also hated the ending; it just didn't work for me at all!

If you didn't work with numbers, what would you be doing?

A vintner, or a gypsy. Anything that involved a lot of travel and meeting new people. Probably more likely to be a gypsy, coz I'd love to be footloose and fancy free (very much the opposite of who I really am, which is a very responsible person!)

A fact most people wouldn't know about Melanie...

I'm a fiend for jigsaw puzzles! I'm quite good at them and I have a small collection of vintage puzzles at home, which my lovely husband adds to at birthdays and Christmas.

Thanks for the great answers Melanie, and we look forward to our clients asking you about jigsaws next time they have an account query.