Since 2005, Patima has been instrumental in helping shape where Bam Creative is today. Starting as a designer, Patima became a Project Manager shortly after, and now is both a Director and Studio Manager.

Complete this phrase; "All websites should have..."

More love, goals to measure success, and more consideration on the end user :)

The way I look at it is the end of the day, the website isn't for the client; it's for the 'client's client'. These are the users who need to be considered from the very beginning to ensure that a) the website appeals to them visually so that they don't scream from eye strain then close the window b) easily find the information and/or products that they're looking for and c) be able to get in touch easily.

If it was my website? Well, I'd want to gather real user feedback and continuously make tweaks improvements all the time based on the comments receive. The website launch should just the beginning!

What was the last Movie you saw?

The last movie I watched was X-Men First Class. I also love TV series, so I think I'm going to start watching Stargate (SG1) from season 1, episode 1 again soon...

If you didn't work in the web, what would you do?

Something involving food or health. Or fashion. Or cute animals. Actually, even then I think I'd still have to involve the web somehow.

A fact most people wouldn't know about Patima?

I'm undefeated at Tetrisphere on N64.

Thanks Patima for your time. Now our clients know a little more about you.