We're continuing our profiles of staff at Bam Creative with Rob. A member of our development team, Rob is just about to become a father for the first time. Here's what we discussed...

Rob, what do you believe all websites should have?

A clear objective and direction that is easily interpreted by the users: Do your users know why they are there? And do they know how to find it? Ultimately websites need a purpose and direction for the users.

For example business "Joe Blogg's Sporting Goods Shop" sells sporting goods and accessories. Joe Blogg decides getting a new website would be a great idea to sell his products online. Using the questions above, the homepage needs to visually appeal to users whilst showing examples of sporting goods and even click through links to specific products. The main navigation of the site has a keyword search, category listing and featured or "on special" products that link to respective product. So now the users already know why they are there: to buy products; and have clear ways to find it: various ways to navigate to products. Going one step further, if the users are able to buy products, the 'Buy Now' or

'Add to Cart' buttons need to stand out and easy for the user to find! Nothing worse than a tiny button that is hard to find.

Last book read:

Reading? I look at pictures and the occasional article on the web related to sports or programming. I currently like reading/viewing articles about the NBA (National Basketball Association) especially since the finals were just played. Many hours are spent watching replays of dunks and highlights from the games. Programming articles come up as I require them throughout my day to day tasks. Most are related to tasks I've forgotten the syntax (programming code) off the top of my head; as remembering everything to do with xHTML, CSS, jQuery, Javascript, PHP etc… can be a hard.

Finish this quote, "If I didn't work in the web, I'd be"...

Like to be… a professional basketball player. I guess the excuse I use for not pursuing a career as a professional basketball player comes down to a few factors - time constraints; I have a young family about to start with a baby on the way, constant re-injury on my right knee; never helps not to be able to have confidence in your body, money; making a living out of it you need to be really, really good. I haven't doubted my basketball ability to make it after being in many teams and winning many finals over the years - A grade teams, High School teams, Uni teams, Wildcats junior development squad etc, but those factors described earlier stop me from taking the plunge.

A fact most people wouldn't know about me is:

I can move both my ears up and down.

Thanks for the answers, Rob, and enjoy fatherhood!