We ask Teegan the questions everyone has been waiting for...

"All websites should have"

Cross platform capabilities! There's nothing more annoying than having to pinch and zoom when trying to view a site on a mobile. I think it is important to make sure the users can access your site and its information however they choose.

Making sites easier to use on multiple devices creates a better user experience and reflects well on the brand. If a shop or restaurant doesn't have a mobile version of their site, I'm a tiny bit less inclined to go there. Viva la mobile users!

What was the last book you read?

I'm currently obsessed with the sandbox game Minecraft, so the last book I read was The Minecraft Guide to Redstone. It's really amazing what some people can build in the game and I find it really interesting and kind of inspiring that real world concepts like basic and even advanced circuitry can be taught through play. I read the guide in hopes to become an expert builder in the game (epic skills still pending).

If you didn't work in the web, what do you imagine you would be doing?

Working in the web is something I've wanted to do since I was 15 years old. It's hard to imagine another path for myself, but if I had to choose it would have to be something else within the creative industries. I've always been fascinated by animation and the idea of taking a flat, static image or design and making it come to life (much like websites).

A fact most people wouldn't know about Teegan?

At various points in my life I have had (and promptly forgotten) lessons for acoustic guitar, violin, electric guitar, drums, bass guitar, and vocals. My father has played drums since before I was born and has been in numerous bands, so music has always been something in my household growing up. Out of all the instruments I've learnt, I must say that bass guitar and vocals are by far my favourite.

Thank you Teegan, for taking the time to get a reply in to us.