Thea is one of our strategy team, consulting and providing strategy advice to our clients on getting more from their digital marketing. Thea comes from a traditional branding background, which means that she brings some really unique views to the digital world.

Thea, please provide an end ot this quote; "All websites should have..."

Clear brand continuity that begins with and extends across all other collateral. After starting my career in branding, I have very strong and very boring beliefs about brand continuity.

What was the last book you read?

The Airport

people wouldn't know about Thea?

I do cabaret style 'hooping' - think red lipstick, burlesque style customs and hula hoops routines - and I've just recently gotten into roller derby. Oh, and I didn't drink coffee until I was 28 as I was told it would stunt my growth and at 4'11 I really couldn't afford that ;-)

Thanks for the answers, Thea!