Urvin is one of the digital strategy team here, involved in strategic direction, marketing consulting and account management for our clients. A recent recruit to the team, Urvin has been involved in the Perth web industry for the last five years.

Please complete this phrase; "All websites should have..."

I believe that all websites should have a very defined flow of information and be organised in a certain way to maximise the business efforts and goals by using latest technologies. You would not want to drink out-dated milk, would you?

If you have a big flashing call to action in yellow and red, you are hurting the eyes of your audience. All websites should have a strong engaging power. Strong and powerful doesn't means big and in your face, but using simplicity and minimal information which is important to the user, just enough for them to engage.

What was the last book you read, Urvin?

Who will cry when you die, by Robin Sharma. He is a Guru who guides the Leaders of Tomorrow. The book is so captivating and easy to ready. It is a big life lesson on everything and everyone around you. This book helps to create a lot of balance and control on your daily tasks. This book was recommended by my Dad who is one of my greatest inspirations in life.

If you didn't work in the web, what would you imagine you would be doing?

A professional guitar player, writing music all day and touring the world. Really, I have been playing music since I am 15 and started playing in as many bands as I could. As I was attending a Boys Catholic School and the only way to get out was to play with the church band. Since then, I fell in love with creating sounds with various instruments and felt comfortable with guitars. I currently play in a Djentcore band call Temporal and I am writing our debut album which should be released in early 2012. With the Band, we have to rely heavily on Social Media Networking and the internet, so really, I am back to square one.

I guess if I didn't work in the web, I would still need the web to keep working.

A fact most people wouldn't know about Urvin?

I can do the Rubix cube in 1.5 minutes.

Thanks for the responses, Urvin, and welcome again to the team!