Happy bodies, happy office.

Whether it's for work, study or leisure, if you're in front of a computer for many hours at a time your body isn't going to be throwing you a big thank you party anytime soon.

We encourage the team here at Bam Creative to look after their bodies, after all, we only get one right? It's our collective belief that happy bodies lead to a healthy, positive and productive workplace. 

Here are just some of the simple wellness techniques that we incorporate at the office. There's a lot more that could be done, but we encourage everyone to give at least a few of these easy ones a go if you don't do so already. 

1. Take regular breaks

Probably the most simple method but often the hardest to do. Sometimes we get on a roll or sometimes the deadline can't wait, but looking after your body needs to take priority.

Stepping away from your desk for a quick trip to the outdoor balcony can give your joints a nice loosen up and give those hard-working eyes a brief rest. If you're able to, try and get outdoors and soak in some healthy rays and fresh air. 

2. Make a stand

There are mixed studies that tell us that sitting for too long isn't good for us, but there are also reports that standing for too long can just as likely be detrimental too. Our conclusion is that too much of one thing isn't necessarily a good thing, nor is it natural, so the most logical solution was to find a balance of the two. Seems logical enough!

That's why we love the motorised standing desk, thanks to Officino an easy-to-use tool that adjusts your desktop height up and down giving you the flexibility to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day. 


Sometimes we even set up our groovy little 'bike chair' with the desk height adjusted to mix it up!

3. Switch it up 

Speaking of alternating, why not give your favoured shoulder a break and prevent RSI by switching to using your mouse with your non-dominant hand? Sounds like a big learning curve for the non-ambidextrous ones of us out there however it didn't take long to get the hang of making the switch. Really!

There are great ergonomic advantages and also interesting neural benefits to stimulate both sides of the brain leading to more creative thinking. Just what we enjoy!

4. Walk and talk

Not only is getting out of the office for a walk in the fresh air fantastic for a break, it's also a fantastic method to help creative ideas flow. Some of our best brainstorms happen out there in the wild footpath where you're visually stimulated by your surrounds of the outdoor environment.

Perfect for those meetings that don't require a screen. 

5. Drink water

Another tip that is very easy to do but often overlooked. There are endless studies which detail the benefits of hydration, however in the workplace some studies such as this one suggest that water can increase productivity and lead to a happy and healthy team.

For those who need an extra prompt or reminder, some of the team here use smart water bottles, thanks to our friends at Hydracoach to keep track of their water intake. 

6. Have a laugh

Creating and encouraging a culture where there's a healthy mixture of business and play makes for the best formula to a happy workplace. We've even heard of workplaces trying out laugh therapy which has an array of health benefits. Honestly though, we're not adverse to having a good laugh here at Bam Creative, evidence of which can be seen on our #lifeatbam Instagram feed.

Do you have any further tips or techniques that promote wellness in the workplace that you'd also like to share? We're always up for trying out other healthy living techniques so would love to hear from you.

For other health-related adventures at Bam Creative, please feel free to also visit our healthy living at Bam Creative website here.