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We see it all the time; we create a fantastic website and launch it, and it sits out there on the web slowly but surely becoming out-of-date.

We're not talking the code or design either; how often have you visited a website that you looked at some months ago, to find nothing has changed? How frequently will you keep returning to it? Not very often I hear you reply.

Did you know that Google and other search engines work the same way? Search engines use advanced formulas to determine the ranking of your website, and frequency of updates is one of those factors they take into account.

So not only do human website visitors like to see frequently updated websites, so do search engines. This has a direct impact on where you'll be found in search engine results, and how frequently potential clients may return to your website.

By frequently updating your website, it will give the impression to repeat visitors that your website is interesting and dynamic. Which website would you rather visit -- the website that is updated every month, or one that is only updated once a year? The answer is pretty obvious.

There's plenty you can do right now to update your website. If you have BamCMS or similar content management system, try tweaking some of the homepage text. You may want to rewrite some of your other main pages too. If you have an articles system or blog, try posting recent news more frequently - there's always something newsworthy going on within your organisation, you may just need to ask around.

If you don't have the ability to update your website yourself, speak to us about what you'd like updated. We have cost effective pre-paid support blocks that may suit your needs.

We encourage you to schedule a reminder in your calendar to refresh your website every month or two.
These needn't be huge changes; small changes here and there keep the impression your website is up-to-date and that works both for your human visitors and search engines alike.

Best of luck with the updates!