Google recently launched Google+ pages, the solution for businesses who wanted to interact with their audiences via the upcoming social service. It has been two weeks today since the announcement, and tens of thousands of businesses have already claimed their spot on Google+. We created our Google+ page the morning they made the announcement, and have found that we are starting to incorporate the page in our usual social media activity that we undertake on Twitter and Facebook.

Interestingly, these are early days, yet many global brands have embraced the medium in the last fortnight for promoting and developing their communities. Whilst a number of global brands have taken to Google+ quickly, it seems a number of Australian businesses are also quickly embracing the platform.

Given the heavy weighting towards Google in Australian search statistics, and the fact they are announcing features for Google+, such as linking to business pages in search results for brands, and being able to search for a brand on Google by typing the plus sign before the name, we believe it's a very smart move to claim your business page as soon as you can.

Here's a few iconic Australian consumer facing businesses, and their Google+ pages;

Bakers Delight
National Australia Bank
Virgin Australia
Yellow Pages

Interestingly, many of the brands above don't have competitors on Google Plus. For example, Virgin Australia was the only airline with a presence at time of writing.

So, what's in it for your business? At the moment, features are limited to posting, following, segmenting your community into 'circles', photo and video uploading and video conferencing. The ability to add branding to your Google+ page is very restricted, however employees at Google are telling us unofficially there are a great line-up of features to come over the coming months.

Our digital strategy team are keen to chat to our clients about ways of adopting Google+ in with your regular social media activity - get in touch with us to chat about your direction. Oh, and don't forget to add us to your circles!