One of the hardest things for us to come to the realisation with is that we are going to be misunderstood by other people. Every human on planet Earth at some stage of their lives has had the experience of looking dead into the eyes of another person they are interacting with and slowly realising that they simply don’t see or understand them the way they see and understand themselves, and the even sadder thing is, they  probably never, ever will.


The challenge comes from how we respond to being misunderstood by the people around us. That will be the huge difference between spending a good amount of time trying to correct other people's misperceptions or being free to just live our lives no matter what other people think of us.



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So What’s being misunderstood mean?

What does it mean to be misunderstood? We describe it simply as people not grasping, understanding someone because of what they’re saying or doing which leads us to put together a hugely wrong impression or idea about them and/ or what they are doing with the different aspect of their lives.

Where Does Being Misunderstood Come From?

To us, being misunderstood comes from one central place horrible place of human existence… Disapproval  

When people we may or may not even know ask us about our work, the projects we are working on, the dreams we aspire to turn into a reality or the goals we want to achieve they start losing interest instantly, because the truth is, most people don’t even care. So they don’t bother asking us the more detailed and deeper questions, Instead, their eyes wander off and in a split second their attitude changes from curiosity to disapproval. They become uncomfortable and progress to change the topic to avoid further torture.

For us though, this lack of interest hurts, it cuts deep. It fills us with self- doubt leading us to question our lives and decisions.

Is There a Problem Then?

This lack of interest from others hurts us, it cuts deep and the cuts get filled with overwhelming problems, problems stuffed with self- doubt leading us to question our lives, choices and decisions.

But here’s the thing, there is no problem because what is easily understood is normal and normal is not that exciting. Living a life that’s misunderstood is abnormal and it’s really exciting.




It’s Ok to be Misunderstood

Not being Misunderstood is the thing that keeps the smart, hardworking people from achieving all the things they want to achieve and living the way they want to live. They can’t live with the thought of losing some kind of status amongst their friends, family and colleagues. They’re not ok with being misunderstood.

If you want to be successful, if you want to be different, if you want to have all the things you desire, then you must be willing to make some sacrifices and do the things others won’t do. You have to be ok with being misunderstood.

All the people who achieved unremarkable accomplishments that have ever walked the Earth were always misunderstood and that’s what made them great.

Clarence Darrow sums it up very nicely, “I have suffered from being misunderstood, but I would have suffered a hell of a lot more if I had been understood.