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A punchy new website for Advanced Martial Arts & Fitness

Advanced Martial Arts and Fitness Webesite Advanced Martial Arts and Fitness Webesite

Advanced Martial Arts & Fitness (AMAF) approached Bam Creative wanting to take their website to the next level in order to communicate more effectively to their wide range of target audiences. The team at this Perth-based dojo offer beginner and advanced martial arts fitness classes, specialising in Muay Thai (kickboxing), Kali Sikaran self-defence, kids Karate and teens Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training.

We sat down with the AMAF team to evaluate their goals and devised a plan to achieve their objectives through an effective design and carefully crafted content. One of AMAF’s main challenges was to reach a wider target market, from those interested in beginner level classes; to kid and teen classes; right through to advanced classes too.

Three call-to-action buttons were established to target their envisioned areas of growth for Kids, Beginners and Adults with tailored content established for each destination. Their fully responsive website is built using BamCMS, giving AMAF extensive control over their content and with extra blogging features enabled for increased engagement.

The journey has been rewarding, with the AMAF and Bam Creative teams both very proud of the result. We hope you too like the brand new Advanced Martial Arts & Fitness website!