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Choc Bomb explodes on the web!

Bam Creative has been working with well-known Australian film reviewer Shannon Harvey to help him create an exciting new website. 

The Choc Bomb website contains reviews of every film released in Australian cinemas.  Each week, professional film critics such as Margaret Pomeranz contribute a sample from their review of the film, and a score out of 100.  If the average score across all reviewers is 50 or under, it’s a 'bomb'. If it's 51 or over, it’s a 'choc!' 

The design of the website reflects the fun and entertaining nature of Choc Bomb with a cinematic twist, and the BamCMS that drives the website allows the client to manage and edit all aspects of the site as the site grows.

We know you will love the Choc Bomb site, and you can visit it at